Damage Contractors: Plumbing Services To Maximize Your Home Insurance Claim

Your home isn't just a roof over your family's head, it's also a substantial investment for your future. If your home sustains major damage in a flood, fire, or natural disaster, restoring can be process fraught with emotional anxiety and frustration. Often one of the costly steps of the recovery process is getting your home's plumbing back to normal.

Here's a guide to help you work with a damage contractor who offers plumbing services while maximizing your home insurance claim.


Many homeowners only think about hiring a damage contractor after they've filed a home insurance claim. This is often a mistake, because what might appear to be fine can mask costly structural damage below. This is particularly true when it comes to comes to plumbing. Hiring a damage contractor to help you document the damages you submit for your home insurance claim can help you get a much larger check back from the insurance company.

Here's what your damage contractor might look for when helping you document the damages your home may have sustained:

  1. Water Lines: Your home's water lines are susceptible to damage whenever floors sag or the pipes are submerged in water for a length of time. Your damage contractor can make sure that the water lines are still water-tight and/or drain properly by testing each line. If they find that the water lines are damaged or need to be replaced in entirely, they can help you document the damages, which the insurance company is sure to demand when you file your claim.
  2. HVAC: Heaters, boilers, and AC units aren't designed to withstand flooding or fires. Even if the units work when you attempt to fire them back up, doesn't mean that they are as good as they were before your home was damaged. Your damage contractor to pressure test the compressors in the units and test the output of these essential machines to make sure that they are functioning optimally. This is particularly important if the units are relatively new. If you can provide your damage contractor with proof of each unit's age and/or condition, they can often document any degradation the unit's suffered when you home was damaged. This degradation may compel your insurance company to help pay to replace them or contribute fair market value for the units.
  3. Appliances: Similar to the aforementioned HVAC units, any appliance in your home connected to water or gas, can be assessed by your damage contractor to ensure that any damage they suffered is documented and submitted to the insurance company with your claim.

Updating and Redesigning

If there can be said to be any silver lining to major home damage it's that the incident gives you the capital ($) and the time to redesign your home (it's damaged anyway, right?). The best damage contractors can help you rebuild your home from the plumbing up.

  1. Extra Bathroom: adding an extra bathroom can dramatically boost the value of your home. Whether this means adding an extra half-bath in your living area, or expanding a master bath onto one of your rooms, your home damage contractor can map out new plumbing lines to suit your new home design.
  2. Energy Efficiency: today's home buyers look for home's be more comfortable and energy efficient. Adding new plumbing features like sub-floor heating or solar water heaters can give your home futuristic features that are sure to appeal to many home buyers. Your home damage contractor to can help you create a new plumbing design to incorporate these features so that when you home is restored its better than it was before the damage occurred.